Kelun Pharmaceutical, redefining pharmaceutical logistics

Author: Time:2021/09/29 Source:


        On June 24, 2021, Sichuan Kelun commercial modern logistics center was put into operation. It marks the official birth of a new generation of pharmaceutical logistics system. The system is distinguished from others by its large scale, leading technology and excellent process.

        Sichuan Kelun pharmaceutical project is located in Xindu District, Chengdu, with a total planning area of about 150 mu, of which the planned net land for phase I warehousing and logistics base is 91 mu. The construction area of phase I of the project is 80000 + square meters, and the total investment of logistics system is hundreds of millions of yuan. The system has 800000 pieces of reserves and 130000 pieces of daily throughput, which can support the annual sales and distribution index of Kelun medical trade of 20 billion yuan. The project needs to meet the logistics operation requirements of pharmaceutical business, industry and other businesses at the same time, with many varieties, large reserves, many piece picking and complex processes. The whole center is designed according to the concept of "interconnection, intelligence and green", and adopts many advanced technologies such as AS / RS system, miniload system, multi-layer-shuttle goods to people system and high-speed sorting system to redefine the modern pharmaceutical logistics system. The project is the latest contribution of Vstrong intelligent technology to pharmaceutical logistics, and will lead the new reform of pharmaceutical logistics.