Qihai Yuncang Jiashan Logistics Center

        Qihai Yuncang Jiashan Logistics Center is an automated storage and logistics center based on information technology such as edi and cloud computing. It mainly serves various brands, e-commerce platforms, offline retail stores, etc., and provides them with standardized storage and distribution solutions. .

        In order to meet and meet the diverse needs of various customers, the project is fully designed and positioned to meet the business development needs of b2b and b2c business integration and inventory sharing. Jiashan Yuncang's overall scale is nearly 80,000 square meters in two phases, with a total allocation of nearly 300,000. Demolition and picking point. Taking the first phase as an example, the project is equipped with WMS system, WCS system(provide by Vstrong), automated logistics transportation system, etc., from wave order optimization, automatic task delivery to the system to guide picking, and simultaneously meet b2c orders and b2b Picking of orders.

        In response to the strict requirements of timeliness, Vstrong Technology proposes corresponding solutions for the project:

        1) 2 hours Shelves: Optimized the storage and shelves line, the storage boxes can be automatically transported to the corresponding floor and area, and the shelves can be controlled within 2 hours;

        2) Half-hour picking: In order to meet the customer's rapid picking and inventory requirements for JIT orders, through the system logic design of wave optimization, priority optimization and other strategies, such as picking, review, and packaging, the picking speed is controlled in the second half of order acquisition Completed within hours;

        3) "Double-11": Designed a corresponding solution for the massive order processing during the "Double-11" period of e-commerce;

        4) Quick sorting: equipped with a high-speed slider sorting machine to meet the rapid sorting of orders and parcels, with an efficiency of nearly 4000 pieces / hour.

        The project went online in 2017 and is currently developing rapidly.