Shanghai Zhimaotong Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Center

        Shanghai Zhimaotong Cross-border Logistics Center was invested and constructed by Shanghai Jiading Chengfa Group and is an automated logistics center serving cross-border e-commerce business. The total construction area of this project is about 50,000 square meters; the daily average order processing capacity after completion is 10 Ten thousand orders, the daily order volume during peak periods can reach 200,000 orders.

        Facilities and equipment:

        1) Automated warehouse: Including 18 laneway, 26,000 pallet positions;

        2) Miniload: 9 laneway, 88,400 cargo spaces;

        3) A set of high-speed cross-belt sorting machines: complete the rapid distribution of order packages;

        4) A demolition and picking system: two-storey attic shelves, which can meet 64,000 demolition locations;

        5) HDS system: SHUTTLE area automatic cache system, with a total of 1200 cargo positions, to meet the task box centralized cache function before multi-item order review;

        6) As a cross-border e-commerce warehouse, it is located in the Jiading Export Processing Zone, and its business needs to interface with the customs' customs system to meet the requirements of the random sampling inspection of the customs;

        7) The flexible design of the entire system, considering that the growth of e-commerce business is often an explosive rapid development, and at the same time, it is also facing the peak impact of the 618 and Double11 promotion activities, and the variety of products. The flexible design considerations are as follows: The design of the conveyor system considers the penetration of the vertical storage and miniload, which can optimize the goods in the vertical storage of the vertical storage to the miniload area, thereby releasing the vertical storage. The design of the zero picking area is based on the requirements of maximizing space utilization. The form of attic racks meets the needs of more SKUs for zero picking; the review link uses the HDS system imported from Europe, combined with the electronic label seeding system, to meet the multi-order order to achieve the collection of single collection and seeding functions before the review of the packaging link; the design of the tray conveying system The above guarantees the vertical round-trip transportation of each floor of the multi-storey warehouse, and the connection function of the vertical storehouse and the multi-storey warehouse; considering the expansion needs of the venue and personnel during the business promotion period, the entire 4th floor area is reserved as a site reserve. The goods can be directly conveyed to the cross-belt sorting system on the first floor through the screw conveyor system to complete the fast warehouse function; The cross-belt sorting system on the first floor meets the parcel express sorting function for the e-commerce in the non-customs sampling area, and the crossing is reserved for the sorting needs of the customs for random inspection of parcels;

        8) At present, the civil engineering of the project has the equipment entry conditions. The equipment has been gradually installed and installed in early November 2019.It is expected to be officially launched by the end of 2020.