Southwest Pharmaceutical Dazhulin Logistics Center

        Southwest Pharmaceutical's Dazhulin Warehouse Logistics Center is in Liangjiang new area, Chongqing City. The project has a total construction area of 70,000 square meters, a designed warehouse capacity of 1 million pieces, and an annual throughput of 20 million pieces. This warehouse can achieve point-to-point delivery 24hours a day and cover more than 50 thousand stores.  

        Facilities and equipment:

        1) Automated warehouse: Including 5 aisles, 5 single-stretch stackers, a total of 7,590 pallet positions;

        2) Pallet-type shuttle car system: Including 3 shuttle cars, 2268 cargo spaces, storing very large single-item products, such as Tai Chi water;

        3) One set of dismantling and sorting system: including review packaging and empty box return;

        4) One set of automatic sorting system