Hunan Quanzhou Logistics Distribution Center Project

        The project is a “double excellent and high” project in Hunan Province. The logistics center is large in scale, advanced in technology and complex in composition. The distribution center covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and is divided into an elevated area and a multi-level flat area. It is a multi-functional, high-efficiency, GSP-compliant, integrated annual shipment that integrates storage, storage, distribution and delivery. An automated distribution center with a requirement of more than 8 billion yuan.

         In this project, our company is the total system integrator. The logistics center is in normal operation. After the project is completed, it is the largest logistics distribution center platform in the five provinces of Central and South China.

         The equipment and system of the center are as follows:

        1) Modular shelves;

        2) Small storage shelf system;

        3) Common shelves such as frozen, refrigerated, and poisonous products;

        4) New fast stacker;

        5) In and out of the conveyor system;

        6) Automated sorting and conveying system;

        7) High-speed sorting system;

        8) Integrated logistics management system.