Peacebird Clothing Cidong Logistics Center Project

        The clothing logistics center is the logistics center with the highest automation level in the domestic clothing industry. It uses the imported cross-belt sorter and slider-type sorting to complete the automatic sorting of goods. The project uses a number of innovative logistics system solutions, which are embodied in:

        a)VNA shelf system: Used for storage of large quantities of goods, fast box picking and replenishment, and saving storage space;

        b) High-speed cross-belt sorting system: Used for quick distribution after demolition of goods;

        c)Picking conveyor system: The scope covers the first floor receiving and shipping area and VNA area, the second floor retail storage area, the dismantle goods sorting area, the piece sorting area, the tail box processing area, the review packing area and other areas, which can simultaneously process the outbound storage box., replenishment of the whole container, picking of the transfer box, combined tail box transport and split flow tasks;

        d)Automatic plastic sealing system: It is used for automatic plastic sealing of outbound bags, which improves the efficiency of system operation and greatly improves the anti-theft capability of goods;

        e)Simultaneous application of B2B and B2C seeding, review and packaging systems;

        f)High speed slider sorter system: Automatic road sorting for packaging finished goods.