Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Logistics Center Project

        In order to meet the rapid development, reduce labor intensity of on-site laborers and reduce the construction risk of large-scale logistics centers, Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Shoes Co., Ltd. publicly bidding in June 2013, and finally determined that Beijing VSTRONG Technology Co., Ltd. will undertake the construction of pilot warehouse project of Red Dragonfly.

         At present, the project has been online, and it is expected to be completed at the end of February 2014.

        The main features of this project:

        a)Carton transport: Picking up an empty carton to complete;

        b)Diversification of the transport box size: The size of the goods is more than ten kinds, and it needs to be transported on the line at the same time;

        c)Integrated packaging system: Reduce the handling of packing personnel;

        d)On-line automatic molding: Complete the on-line plastic sealing of the box;

        e)Automatically split by way.