JOMOO 4D-SHUTTLE Intelligent Picking System Project

         The 9D-SHUTTLE intelligent picking system project of JOMOO is the benchmark project for VSTRONG Technology's “G2P” in the sanitary quotient industry. The project consists of a four-way shuttle system, a goods-to-person picking system, an electronic label reminder system, a bin-type dense storage system, and a high-speed lifting system. A total of 4 sets of goods to picking workstations are configured throughout the system.

         For the e-commerce industry, which is mainly based on dismantled goods picking, the application of the “G2P” system not only improves the space utilization rate and picking efficiency of the logistics center, but also reduces labor intensity and labor cost.

        The project uses the inventory management system to automatically prompt the replenishment of goods to achieve standardized box-changing operations. The use of the high-speed lifting system and the shuttle system enables the automatic loading of goods.

         In view of the differences in JOMOO's e-commerce, VSTRONG Technology put forward the principle of boxing standard based on the “G2P” system. By optimizing the order of the product, the ordering efficiency is further improved.

         In addition, by selecting the intelligent dispatching system of the platform and the picking box, different wave tasks and sub-caching systems corresponding to each workstation are realized. The operator reduced unnecessary waiting time waste and the picking efficiency was significantly improved.