North China Distribution Center Project of COFCO Womai wang

        North China Distribution Center of COFCO is in Anci District, Langfang City, Hebei Province, and was completed and used in May 2014. The total warehouse area is 30,000 square meters.

        This project is responsible for the overall design and system integration of the project by Beijing VSTRONG Technology Co., Ltd. Previously, VSTRONG Technology has completed the total system integration of more than 10 distribution centers (including cold chains) in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

         Main equipment system introduction:

        a)Attic shelf

        b)Pallet rack


        d)Ring rear sorting line


        f)Picking car

        g)Sow cabinet: The system uses flow shelves for the collection of orders for sow operations.

        h)Packing table: The system adopts a compact row integrated stainless steel review packaging table design, equipped with an electronic weighing and review system. After years of improvement, the system has become a unique review and packing platform for my purchase network.

        i)Warehouse Management System: The system uses a customized WMS system. Wireless coverage is used throughout the site, and the handheld terminal RF operates.