Fujian Anport Logistics Center Project

        Fujian Anport Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xiamen Xiangye Group. Anport Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. relies on the brand of Xiangye Group and the resource advantages of Xiamen, Fuzhou, Longyan and Wuyishan four airport, as well as international and domestic air cargo, multi-modal, modern warehousing, professional distribution, etc., which have formed regional and unique professional advantages. More than 200 customers provide air logistics, air and land transport and warehousing and distribution services. The company has a modern warehouse of 113,000 square meters, distribution outlets radiate throughout Fujian, the distribution center has a modern automatic sorting and advanced information management system. It is one of the top 100 international freight forwarding companies in China.

         The first phase of the project will build two logistics centers, namely B2B/G Logistics Center and B2C Logistics Center, which can support up to 57,000 orders per day. The warehouse capacity is up to 370,000 boxes.


         The B2B/G logistics center is a layer of steel structure with a height of 12m and a floor area of 12,000 square meters. It mainly serves the storage and distribution of large quantities of bulk commodities, such as household appliances, building materials, auto parts and other larger items. The B2B / G logistics center is focus on the logistics distribution of B2B and B2G. The current equipment types of the logistics center included:

        Beam shelf: Beam-type shelves mainly store bulk commodities.

        Duty racking : Mainly used to store small items and some parts.

        B2C Logistics Center Description

        The logistics center is a three-story reinforced concrete structure with a height of 9.4m, a second and third floor height of 7.9m, a ground floor area of 9,600 square meters and a building area of approximately 29,250 square meters. B2C Logistics Center is mainly responsible for B2C business included goods take delivery, storage, picking, review, and collection. The key logistics equipment of the current B2C logistics center included:

         Beam shelf

         Loft-style shelf

        Picking conveyor system:one set

         Z type hoist

        Spiral hoist

        Tray vertical hoist