Mecox Lane Wujiang Logistics Center Project

         Mecox Lane is a well-known B2C company in China and the first Chinese Electronic Commerce company listed on NASDAQ.

         In order to meet the company's rapidly growing business needs, Mecox Lane built a 120,000-square-meter logistics center in Wujiang, Jiangsu, and selected VSTRONG Technology as the total integrator. Through the joint efforts of many parties, Wujiang Logistics Center was officially completed and put into use in March 2012.

         The demand for SKU in Mecox Lane inventory exceeds 100,000, and the products vary greatly from small jewelry to large furniture. Therefore, different requirements are placed on the storage mode and processing capacity of the logistics center. In addition, massive orders and returns are also important issues facing the logistics center.

         The project fully adopts many modern logistics technologies such as high-bay shelves, attic shelves, conveyor systems, vertical handling systems, empty container recirculation systems, integrated return systems, etc., and also fully considers the B2C industry characteristics, and configures the integrated lighting system. Equipment such as trolleys, loft shelves and shelves. In addition, the information system has made a lot of improvement and optimization in the logistics center's orders, wave, picking, storage, return and other strategies. It is foreseeable that the Mecox Lane Wujiang Logistics Center will significantly increase the processing capacity and service level of Mecox Lane.