Beijing Tongrentang Technology Automation Warehouse Project

        Beijing Tongrentang Science and Technology Automation Warehouse is part of Beijing Tongrentang's adaptation to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games project and the establishment of a logistics park. After bidding and bidding, the company won the project with a step-by-step logistics and warehousing technology, many successful achievements and a good cooperative relationship with Tongrentang. The volume of the three-dimensional warehouse is 25,584, which is one of the largest three-dimensional warehouses in China, and ranks among the top in the scale of the national three-dimensional warehouse. The automated three-dimensional warehouse is large in scale, advanced in technology and complex in composition. The main equipment and system configuration are as follows:

         1) A total of 25,584 cargo spaces in 13 lanes and 24 rows of shelves in the elevated storage area;
         2) 13 sets of new fast stackers;
         3) Common flat storage areas such as freezing, refrigerating, and poisonous products, with a cargo number of 6,936;
         4) 149 inbound conveyor systems and outbound conveyor systems distributed around the shelf area;
         5)  1 set of integrated logistics management system;
         6) 25584 pallet;
         7) Demolition of 1186 cargo spaces.